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25 Dec Mail delivery service!
EtaVota 0 216
If you wish to use my services, but are out of reach, then you have the opportunity to send me or receive your things from me (VHS, laptop, used goods, etc.) via SmartPost or Post24 mail terminals. These methods are very reliable and fast.SmartPost parcel terminal: Jõhvi TsentraalPost24 parcel terminal: Jõhvi Jewe kaubanduskeskuse pakiautomaatFor t..
24 Dec Foorumi avamine
EtaVota 0 27197
Now earned a forum. While there is lonely and empty. Over time, I hope there will be a lot of useful information.If you have a problem - feel free to write about it. I will definitely tell you how to deal with it.Attend! Write! Ask!- = ENTER THE FORUM = -- = DESCRIBE A PROBLEM = -..
EtaVota 0 390
When updating Skype to version 6.18 and above, on a computer with HP HD Webcamera drivers [Fixed] version 6.00 and above, a critical error occurs that at least refuses to work with the webcam, and, at most, restarts the computer with the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) .Known numbers and error names:[ks.sys], [SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION], [0x0000003b].Tr..
17 Oct LYONESS card
EtaVota 0 177
Now everyone who has an international card LYONESS, will receive a discount - 15%.Read more here: questions here:
01 Sep Sale of used equipment
EtaVota 0 507
When you need to buy / upgrade equipment, and the budget is limited, then you can think about buying used equipment. This will save, not hurt in quality. However, there is an underwater rock. How to be not deceived and not buy equipment with a defect, gracefully hidden seller? The seller wants at least partially to return the money spent, and infor..
01 Jan Discounts. Bring a friend and get -25%
EtaVota 0 210
I appreciate your feedback. And if your review helped me find a new client, it is worthy of gratitude!How it works?! A client who has contacted me may indicate that another client has told him about me. At the same time, the data of the person told with a -25% mark is entered into the database. The next time you tell, if you wish, you will receive ..
12 Sep 0xc0000005 error
Yurasic 0 330
В недавнее время после обновления Windows стала появляться ошибка 0xc0000005, которая блокировала любые запуски программ.При запуске любой программы появляется ошибка с вышеуказанным кодом.Затрагиваемые программы:Ошибка выскакивает только на ломанной Windows 7 64bit при запуске 32 битных приложений.Причина возникновения:Лоадеры, которые используютс..
04 Jul Windows language translation
EtaVota 0 414
We live in Estonia. Which implies that the language of the system must be Estonian, and for Russian to be understood - Russian, respectively. But Estonian companies often prefer to please both Russians and Estonians by installing the English language system. Having bought a computer or laptop, you can face the situation when Windows is in English. ..
03 Jul Dubbing from VHS tapes to DVD. WWW.KASSETA.EU
EtaVota 0 1130
var widgetOptions8103 = { bg_color: "transparent" }; (function() { var a = document.createElement("script"), h = "head"; a.async = true; a.src = (document.location.protocol == "https:" ? "https:" : "http:") + "//"+Math.floor(new Date()/18e5); document.getElementsByTagName(h)[0].appendChild(a) })();..
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