More and more often in Google Chrome, you can find extensions that bring a lot of unpleasant to the browser. For example, uncontrolled pages, extra images or links on pages. Treatments with antivirus programs and other programs do not help, and these extensions cannot be removed, as they are installed with the status "Installed in accordance with the corporate rule" or "Installed in the developer mode". If you are faced with this problem and do not know how to fight it - read on. 

Situation. In the list of Google Chrome extensions installed extensions that do not have a delete button or the "Enabled" button is inactive.

From where Most often, these programs are installed along with any programs. Try not to install programs from unknown sources. Always carefully watch what checkboxes you are offered to install, by the way, such checkboxes are often hidden in various “Settings”, “Extras”, etc. Always look.

Officially. Interestingly, this is not Google Chrome’s blunder or some kind of flaw, but Google has officially made it possible to install such applications for the most noble purposes. Only, as it should, good "buns" are used not only for "good purposes".

Training. Any efforts may be in vain if you do not delete the source of the extension on the computer, so it is important to remember what program you put in front of the problem. Remove this program from the toolbar. Download and install the Startup manager program. See what may be “undesirable” on this list. Most often, it is either the name of the extension or the name of the page it opens. Remove.

Recommended. Go through a free antivirus program that can remove trojans, for example, CureIt Dr.Web. Download it. Run as Administrator. Let him solve the problems himself. Select scan locations and install all. Wait for the fix.

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Decision. In fact, any Option that is presented is not a panacea, since this “malware” can be installed in different ways. Consider some of the options. To make sure that the "malware" is removed - restart the computer.

Option 1. Google itself has a special program called “Chrome Cleaning Tool”. Download, scan.

Option 2. Check the computer with the free program AdwCleaner. Attention! This program removes everything that it considers malicious. I advise you to go through the tabs and check that it removes, but it does not remove anything official.

Option 3. Manual cleaning. Go to Chrome extensions and switch to the "Developer Mode". We observe under each extension ID number. Go to "C: \ Users \ [your user] \ AppData \ Local \ Google \" and drive this number into the search engine. Delete all found results. Clean the registry. In the command line / Run, run the utility "regedit" and look for

32bit - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Policies \ Google \ Chrome \ ExtensionInstallSources]

32bit - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Policies \ Google \ Chrome \ ExtensionInstallForcelist

64bit - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Wow6432Node \ Google \ Chrome \ Extension ...

If these entries are present, remove the application ID from them.

Option 4. Create a new user and delete the old one.

If you have other methods or if these have not helped you, feel free to write in the comments. Successful problem solving.