Why do we need a corporate website?

Today, a corporate website is an integral part of the business strategy of many companies. It not only plays the role of a company's business card on the Internet, but is also a useful tool for finding new customers, increasing sales and increasing brand awareness. 

What is a corporate website for and what advantages can it have?

1. Increasing sales and capturing new customers

A website can be a great tool to increase sales and attract new customers. With the help of a corporate website, you can present your company and products in the best light, talk about the benefits of working with you and describe all the services that are available to you. This will help to interest a potential client and attract his attention.

2. Building Brand Awareness

A website can help increase your brand awareness, especially if it's professionally designed and designed. On the site, you can use corporate colors, logo and other design elements that will help potential customers remember your brand. In addition, it is important to update your site regularly so that your brand is always in the field of view of users and associated with your company.

3. Improving communication with clients

A corporate website allows you to improve communication with your clients. The site may contain information about the company, services, promotions, news and contacts that will help customers contact you. In addition, you can add a feedback form or chat on the site, which will allow you to communicate with customers in real time. This will improve customer service and allow them to quickly resolve their problems.

4. Enhance your professional image

A corporate website can help enhance your company's professional image. The site should be of high quality, informative and easy to understand. If the site is professionally done, it will show that your company cares about its customers and takes its business seriously. In addition, on the site you can place recommendations from clients that will confirm your qualifications and professionalism.

5. Developing new business opportunities

A corporate website can provide independence from online platforms and social networks. You can sell your products and services on your site and build a business development strategy directly on the site, which will increase the income and growth of your company.

A corporate website is an integral part of the business strategy of many companies. It allows you to increase sales and attract new customers, improve communication with customers, enhance your professional image and create new business opportunities. Currently, the creation and support of a corporate website has long ceased to be a luxury and has become a necessary component of a successful business.

Why do I need corporate email?

Company email is an important tool for many companies, especially for those who works with clients and partners inside and outside the organization. Why is corporate mail needed and what advantages does it provide?

1. Branding and professionalism

Corporate mail allows you to use the company's domain name in an email address. Thus, it creates the possibility of a better identification of the organization and strengthens the brand. For clients, partners and colleagues, this demonstrates professionalism and trust in the company.

2. Security

Corporate mail provides a high level of security and protection of information confidentiality. Since this is an internal resource of the company, access to information can be restricted only for employees of the organization and unauthorized access to corporate information can be prevented.

3. Management and organization

Corporate mail allows you to manage and organize the flow of company information. This allows employees to quickly receive important messages and improves communication within the organization. In addition, corporate mail can also be configured to automatically send notifications and reminders.

4. Mobile access

Corporate mail provides mobile access to e-mail. This allows employees to receive and send emails from any device with Internet access. This simplifies the work of remote employees and allows you to quickly respond to important messages.

5. Storage and archiving

Corporate mail can be configured to store and archive all sent and received emails. This provides additional protection and makes it easier to find the information you need. In addition, it allows you to quickly find the necessary letters and their attachments.

In general, corporate mail is a necessary tool for many companies. It provides communication and security, and improves the organization and management of the company's information flow.

How much does it cost to subscribe to a website and a post office??

Depending on your needs, goals and budget, the price for setting up a website starts from 30€ for 1 website + 2€ per month and the price for setting up an email account starts from 30€ for 1 account + 2€ per month..

Price list. See the table on a computer. If viewing on a phone, use the phone horizontally.
The prices in the table do not include the cost of server rental, e-mail server and SSL certificate.
AISite LiteSite MiniSite StandardSite FullSite ShopSite
Price €30 €70 €150 €210 €350 €450
Follow-up (3 months) 11.00€ per month €24.33 per month €51.50 per month €72.10 per month €120.17 per month €154.50 per month
Follow-up (6 months) €6.00 per month €12.72 per month €27.25 per month €38.15 per month €63.58 per month €81.75 per month
Follow-up (12 months) €3.50 per month €7.23 per month €15.50 per month €21.70 per month €36.17 per month €46.50 per month
Website AI
Content AI Main Page Main Page +Business information +Terms +10 products
Selection of shades
1. language AI
2. language +20€ +30€
3. language +15€ +25€ +20€ +20€ +15€ +15€
+1 language +10€ +20€ +15€ +15€ +10€ +10€
Logo +100€ +100€ +€75 +€50
Google Search +€40 +€40 +35€ +30€
Yandex search +€40 +€40 +35€ +30€
Choice of colors +10€
CSM Platvorn +30€
Administration +30€
Design Choice +€50 +€40
Design Pro +€70 +€50
SEO PRO +€70 +€50
E-shop +200€ +300€ +250€ +200€ +150€
Consultation +15€/h +15€/h 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours

Server and mail rates

Email LiteServer MiniServer FullServer
Price(1 month) 4€/month 6€/month 7€/month 8€/month
Price(1 year) 30€ (2.50€/m) 50€ (4.17€/m) 59€ (4.92€/m) 65€ (5.42€/m)
Price(1 year) 50€ (2.08€/m) 85€ (3.54€/m) 98€ (4.08€/m) 115€ (4.792€/m)
Domain name
File Server
Server Maintenance 48h 24h 12h 3h
SSL Certificate +0.70€/month +0.50€/month

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