We live in Estonia. Which implies that the language of the system must be Estonian, and for Russian to be understood - Russian, respectively. But Estonian companies often prefer to please both Russians and Estonians by installing the English language system. 

Having bought a computer or laptop, you can face the situation when Windows is in English. What to do?! What is the difficulty ?!

But in what:

  • System folders are not clear.
  • System errors are not known.
  • Clicking on the not translated button causes a lot of unnecessary windows.
  • When you try to install a Russian program, a lot of cracks appear instead of letters.
  • Try it yourself, and you can add to this list.
  • Therefore, I offer a system translation service.

This will allow you to easily understand what your system is writing to you and easily manage it.

ATTENTION!!! Translation of the system does not remove the warranty and does not spoil the license of your system.

Order Windows translation now!

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