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14 Jan Help in selling equipment
EtaVota 0 356
If you have a vehicle that you want to sell? You do not know where to start and where better to go ?! Are you worried that you will meet a dishonest buyer and be left without money and without your equipment? Sales of equipment - this is a situation with a lot of nuances. We have extensive experience in the sale of goods and price planning and desc..
25 Dec Computer order calculator
EtaVota 0 175
Now you can order a computer by making an approximate version of the desired machine. Indicate: how much memory and space you would like; which graphics card you prefer, and the price that suits you. You will consider your request and offer the most suitable for you at will computer. Experiment and order...
28 Jun ATTENTION! Free update will end soon!
EtaVota 0 151
COMPLETEDATTENTION! There is little time left until the possibility of a free update. Do not miss your opportunity. Then you have to pay a lot or become a pirate.As you know, at the moment the update from Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 10 Free! This feature is limited in time until 07/29/2016 with the release of Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Af..
26 Jun Your desire is our job! We process any order
EtaVota 0 576
Would you like a mobile phone ?! Or a battery for him ?! Maybe you are interested in a video card with a certain lot number, but you cannot find it ?! Or is the ink for your printer too expensive ?!Contact us - we will find ...! GUARANTEE LOW PRICE!We have a lot of partners and suppliers from all over the world! Our goal is to fulfill as many order..
13 Jun Windows 10. Full review
Yurasic 0 368
Windows 10, наверное самый "громкий" по обсуждению Windows. Он включил в себя столько инноваций и нововведений, что не каждый пользователь был готов его принять. Каждый пользователь уникален и привык к своему. Кто-то любит экспериментировать, кто-то стабильность, кто-то скорость, а кто-то «лишь бы работало». Мнений очень много и они самые разные. К..
08 Jun vKontakte hacked!
EtaVota 0 412
Periodically, there are news that a social network has been hacked. This time, Motherboard website reported that the most popular Russian social network was hacked by a hacker with the nickname Peace_of_mind (Peace). This time, 171,000,000 (171 million) user account data was stolen. His "success", he put up for sale.$ IMAGE2 $The hacker decided to ..
04 Jun Social networks
EtaVota 0 173
The site added integration with social networks. Now you can register using the social network, as well as share the pages that you liked on the social network.To log in under the social network, you must select the social network that suits you.To share any page on the social network - go to this page and click on the icon below...
29 Feb Google Chrome. Do not remove extensions
EtaVota 0 167
More and more often in Google Chrome, you can find extensions that bring a lot of unpleasant to the browser. For example, uncontrolled pages, extra images or links on pages. Treatments with antivirus programs and other programs do not help, and these extensions cannot be removed, as they are installed with the status "Installed in accordance with t..
24 Feb Updated site
EtaVota 0 174
Here you go! Today the site has been updated. It has become easier to read and easier to use. I hope you will like it. I suggest you better familiarize yourself with the site and point out all its flaws, errors and nuances so that we can correct them. Write opinions in the Book of Complaints and Suggestions. For the useful help provided in the stud..
31 Jan New product: Digital games with discounts up to -70%
EtaVota 0 178
Starting February 1, 2016, a new service for selling digital copies of games is introduced. All games have up to -70% of the price from the original seller (Steam, Origin, Uplay,, etc.). Original games and after the purchase will belong only to you. A large database of games that will be constantly added to the site in the "Special Offer..
08 Dec WIN Apple iPad Air 2
EtaVota 0 163
Win a new year modern and popular Apple iPad Air 2from our partner.!!!Absolutely free!!!Do you want to participate?!!! Just write about your desire in the comments or in any other way let me know about it !!!The drawing is scheduled for December 31, 2015The winner is determined:New iPad Air 2 goes to Tartu to MARGE!!! Congratulations !!!..
21 Sep SKYPE not working
EtaVota 0 157
09/21/2015 there was a failure of the whole SKYPE. The problem is known to developers and it is corrected. While you can not make video calls and see the status of the interlocutor. However, by sending an offline message - the interlocutor will receive it, if at the moment he is also online!We are waiting for a solution to the problem...
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