We all watched movies on Videocassettes, and some even recorded them. Now analog technologies are slowly leaving, and digital ones are coming. Digitizing video on a DVD disc and other media is an excellent solution to the problem of saving home, work, corporate archives. Not everyone has the ability to view old records on modern media. Far as well, not every player is able to play qualitatively, but convert a converter. Entrust your valuable videos to professionals and high-quality technology.

Lack of video on tape: 

Not editable. The long, or even impossible, process of removing extra frames on a tape. 

Outdated technology. The past century has left and takes with it the old technologies, including analog video. Now it is not found in the sale of a new VCR.

Cassettes are not durable. Alas, the tapes have their own age, the film deteriorates and records can be lost forever. An example of this can serve as demagnetized and “showered” videotapes, whose service life is limited to tens of years at best. But on them childhood and youth, the wedding and the birth of the firstborn, student parties and family holidays.

Difficult to copy from VHS to VHS. Recording takes real tape time up to 3 hours per tape and also requires bulky equipment.

Copying video with great loss of quality. With each new copying, noise and noise appear, which are amplified each time.

The advantage of DVD / Flash video:

Quick record. Recording from disk to disk takes 10-30 minutes. Flash memory 5-20 minutes. Transfer to the Internet from 15 minutes.

DVD / Flash reliable. The DVD and Flash drive are not subject to any harmful effects, except for physical ones. Scratches, direct sunlight, water, i.e. simple care.

Easy removal of unnecessary items. Removing ads, long-term interference is easily done when overwriting to disk. But it can also be done at any time using any video editor.

Reader availability. DVD is available in almost every home. Computer, player, video games.

Copying video without losing quality. The digital storage principle eliminates damage over time. The shelf life of DVDs can reach 100 years.


It all depends on the state of the videotape. Older cassettes are very difficult to digitize quickly, as the video tape demagnetizes over time, thus the image quality deteriorates significantly. As a result, it is necessary to process the material recorded on a video tape programmatically, and this requires more time. On average, the processing time is 3-5 days.

What not to expect: 

Perfect quality. Recording from videotape to a computer is possible in the quality in which it is stored on the film. The image is square 4: 3 with a resolution of 480 pixels. Modern TVs / computers work in a wide format with a resolution of at least 1024x724 / 2048x1024 / 1920x1080. This is tantamount to stretching a couple of cm of clay onto A5 paper. Additional effects will add color, but the image will not become better. This procedure is available only in special studios, and it is very expensive. But still you can keep recordings for a long time and avoid a further drop in their quality.

Give yourself and your loved ones the joy of pleasant memories by rewriting the best moments of your life from videotapes to a DVD / Flash drive!
Securely store, convenient to watch, easy to copy!