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09 Jul PC repair
Yurasic 1 928
REPAIR OF COMPUTERS and other IT equipment REPAIR OF COMPUTERS and other IT equipment: ..
26 Jun Cartridges and toners
EtaVota 0 177
Most often, the first shock for owners of printers, after the purchase - is the price of a new toner / cartridge. It averages 40-60% of the cost of the printer itself. My first thought is to contact companies that charge toners. However, this often leads to problems of quality and reliability. But what if we offer you a toner / cartridge with new c..
01 Jun Welcome to the new site Kompik Eesti OÜ
Yurasic 0 671
Finally launched a new site on the new engine. The site will be supplemented and upgraded over time. New ideas and features will appear. In the meantime, enjoy the sites and look for useful information...
02 Aug Windows Install
Yurasic 0 236
The modern world can no longer be imagined without a computer, laptop or mobile phone. However, all these devices are just a bunch of hardware without software. For a computer there are several operating systems. Most modern Estonian users prefer Microsoft Windows. Windows has an extensive series of Windows products. The most popular and well-known..
16 Dec -25% by the end of the year
EtaVota 0 143
The cost of all services until the end of the year-25%When using the promo code2018..
11 Jul Sale of license keys on Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
EtaVota 0 166
The license keys for Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 went on sale. The keys are activated and attached to your computer / account. You no longer need to activate or pay big money to purchase a license from Microsoft.FROM 15 €Where do the keys come from?From old and broken computers. Each key is detached from the former computer or account and be..
26 Mar Creation of the website and corporate mail
EtaVota 0 193
An effective site is-a well-designed professional resource that attracts a specific target audience, helps to increase conversion, informs the online community about your company and helps in solving many other problems that arise when promoting products and services online.Always up to date and effective.Site like (ru / eu / tk / fi, e..
20 Mar Spring has come! ALL DISCOUNTS -20%
EtaVota 0 147
Until March 31 - 20% discount on all goods and services.Large selection of phones, laptops, tablets, bicycles and other goods.Ask now and get a discount.To get a discount, enter the code word "SPRING"..
14 Jan Help in selling equipment
EtaVota 0 180
If you have a vehicle that you want to sell? You do not know where to start and where better to go ?! Are you worried that you will meet a dishonest buyer and be left without money and without your equipment? Sales of equipment - this is a situation with a lot of nuances. We have extensive experience in the sale of goods and price planning and desc..
25 Dec Computer order calculator
EtaVota 0 92
Now you can order a computer by making an approximate version of the desired machine. Indicate: how much memory and space you would like; which graphics card you prefer, and the price that suits you. You will consider your request and offer the most suitable for you at will computer. Experiment and order...
28 Jun ATTENTION! Free update will end soon!
EtaVota 0 90
COMPLETEDATTENTION! There is little time left until the possibility of a free update. Do not miss your opportunity. Then you have to pay a lot or become a pirate.As you know, at the moment the update from Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 10 Free! This feature is limited in time until 07/29/2016 with the release of Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Af..
26 Jun Your desire is our job! We process any order
EtaVota 0 316
Would you like a mobile phone ?! Or a battery for him ?! Maybe you are interested in a video card with a certain lot number, but you cannot find it ?! Or is the ink for your printer too expensive ?!Contact us - we will find ...! GUARANTEE LOW PRICE!We have a lot of partners and suppliers from all over the world! Our goal is to fulfill as many order..
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