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About Us

О фирме Kompik Eesti OÜ



Low prices

Professional master

Quality service adequate repair cost Flexibility of communication with customers

Love our job Attentive to the little things We do as for ourselves


We will give you BEST - service!

About Us

Kompik Eesti OÜ was founded on 03/01/2018 to expand the experience of master Yuri Deyanov among other people and enterprises. The main focus of the company is high-quality and affordable repair. Our modern and high-quality equipment helps to achieve this goal. We also position ourselves as a multi-service, providing various types of services in one place. Thus, reducing customer anxiety in searching for various services. In addition to private individuals and Estonian organizations, our clients are foreign customers! We have partner suppliers from Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Spain, Hungary, Germany, Russia and China. This allows us to provide our customers with products at competitive prices.

Master Yuri Deyanov was always fond of electronics and "buttons". Computer service became interested in 2001. In 2005 he received a profession in computer maintenance and computer networks. For a long time he was interested in programs and their testing. Since 2007, carried away repairing computers and systems. Work in hardware stores made it possible to get technical thinking and price orientation. Since 2010, he began active repair and adjustment among friends and acquaintances. Hone his skills, by 2019 he opened a company to share them with other clients.

Our STRONG sides:

PROFESSIONALISM The master has over 17 years of experience. Diploma in maintenance of computers, networks, IT-technologies. A huge number of orders with which our team successfully copes.

EFFICIENCY Quick response to the challenge. We immediately give advice for troubleshooting. If the problem cannot be fixed on the spot, you can call a specialist to the house.

MOBILITY Although we are based in Kohtla-Järve|Johvi, we can easily find a solution, as for Ida-Virumaa, as well as throughout Estonia and even abroad. We use and postal services.

FAST SPEED We solve many problems immediately by phone or on site! Difficult diagnostics and defect detection are performed in the equipped workshop within 1 working day.

EQUIPMENT We do not rely only on our knowledge and experience. We have in the range of powerful equipment and diagnostics, which will not give even a small error even the slightest chance.

NOT DEPLICATED We regularly check the network for new and promising programs for working with computers. You always get only the latest versions of programs.

QUALITY OF WORK For us, there is only one repair option. Be it for us or for our customers. Therefo­re, we always do as oursel­ves, paying attention to eve­ry little detail.

LOW PRICES Our policy is repair, available to everyone. We buy goods from suppliers directly and on sales. In all this, our prices are always adequate and reasonable.

FLEXIBLE DISCOUNTS Do you like discounts? We always organize discount programs, campaigns, sales. There are many loyalty programs and rewards. Earn with us!

QUALITY ASSURANCE We give a guarantee on all services up to 3 months. All products, even used, have a warranty of up to 24 months. We will make every effort to resolve any issue quickly.

How are we different from the competitors?


  • Attract customers minimum price (5 € per consultation)
  • Consultation is carried out by a manager, secretary or forced to leave the specialist
  • Get started without prior approval, invoicing upon execution
  • Include a tangible percentage of purchased goods and components.
  • Works are delayed for weeks without the ability to pick up their equipment.


  • Consultation is free and we announce the real cost of repair before repair
  • Regarding your problem, you initially communicate with a qualified master.
  • We start work only after diagnostics and coordination of the list of services and cost with the customer.
  • We buy components directly from suppliers. You pay the real price.
  • Any REPAIR is carried out MAXIMUMLY FAST without any additional payments and delaying the return

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